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Today 05:05 pm
Robert Lemieux - Reel St David
Today 04:57 pm
Ovila Legare - Dansons Les Baudrigailles
Today 04:54 pm
Placide Morency - Pagliacci. Vesti La Giubba
Today 04:46 pm
Les Trois Copains - Quadrille De Villeray
Today 04:41 pm
Madame Bolduc - Quand On S'est Vu
Today 04:37 pm
Robert Price - Just Break The News To Mother
Today 04:33 pm
Alexandre Desmarteaux - Suzette, Oh! Ma Susette
Today 04:29 pm
Isidore Soucy - Quadrille Yvette
Today 04:25 pm
Troubadours De Bytown - Su' L' Joli Vent
Today 04:21 pm
Paul Dufault - Charite
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