Setup a station information
Dirble checks up your station
Station will be added or denied

Add Radio Station

wanna update? You can update by going to your station's page on dirble and click contribute. You need to register or login to update it, but that's easy.
Duplicated stations will be removed when found.

Normal Station Details


We only add stations with streams, url directly to their radio source. We accept mp3 and ACC radios. every Station need at least one stream to be accepted.

Add a Stream

Extra Functionality

Disabling song check will make us not check up what's playing on your station every 2 minute but you will lose listeners who search on songs playing on your station. So it is not recommended.

If you are the owner or representant of the station you can set yourself as owner with your email. then you will get mail from us if we can not access your station or just remind you to have everything up to date. No one except the admin will be able to see the email and everyone can update the email

When clicking on Create station, you accept the Terms and Conditions for Broadcasters and Contributors.

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