Help your customers get more listeners by integrating to Dirble!

Check the API for creating station

Why should we integrate with Dirble?

We base our coverage not only on our website but also on third party apps and services that use our data. If you add stations to our database it will not only be added here but also on many others services directly. When integrating to us right now it only means to create stations via api. Later you will be able to edit it and get statistics of the station, so your customers who is the station owners can handle it from your system. Dirble makes it easy for you guys!


Dirble also have a AIR API so you can send now playing song to Dirble so Dirble don't need to listen to the stream every 2 minute to find the playing song, it save data, don't give wrong statistic and is more accurate.

To use it you need to email Dirble and ask for a airkey for your station (send url to your station). We will mail back airkey and id for your station. You can then just call a url to add the song to your station, like this:{station id}&key={airkey}&artist={artist name}&song={song title}
as example this will could be
This will add song Zed's Dead - White Satin to station with id 1.

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