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As a broadcaster on Dirble you can add your station to Dirble and reach out to half million monthly listeners and get the most of Dirble as it is suppose to be. Your tool to make your old listener keep listening and also get new listeners that never hear your station before.


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Dirble works continuously to make the experience and the usage better for everyone, even Broadcasters. Here will you find some experiments Dirble is working on right now, for broadcasters.

Dirble v.2 have beta support for parsing radioEPG for radio partners. If you want your station to be added with all the data automatically. Only thing Dirble need is the url to the radioEPG and approval from the radio. Don't wait. Contact Dirble to add your station automatically today!
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Dirble have a beta version of AIR API, inspired by TuneIn's AIR API, sending us the playing song instead of us listen to your stream to try to find what you playing. Email me and you will get a key and information how to use it.
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