About Us

The Idea

The idea came when we wanted to find a open radio directory to our radio app on App Store.

This site is meant to be totally open. We will only check incoming stations for acceptance so they actually work and is functional, this is to secure a good database containing working stations.


Some people want to know how we do with the security. We are using as an example double hash+salt on your passwords. Take daily backups of the mysql-database. Use third parties to hold the php-files so it can be fixed as it was earlier in 5 minutes if a server crash.

Our servers is in the cloud and using auto scalability, it does so, if a server is overloaded that a new server starts so the loads spreads to two, making the load lower on the first that earlier had load overload. Also if a server crash or shutdown a new server starts so the downtime will be minimized.


just some links to thank the icons maker and other that have help me.

  • 2011, Juny - I came up with the idea after searching for a directory with a open api, without success.
  • 2011, September - I start to sketch a mindmap and ideas for what will become Dirble.
  • 2011, October - I start to develop Dirble with raw php.
  • 2011, end of October - I changed my code to the framework codeigniter.
  • 2012, end of January - Open beta opens.
  • 2012, end of March - Dirble release.

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