Station: How do the similar station work?

All the stations get indexed with song history and genres. Then the the search engine (Elasticsearch) check up similarity between songs and genres and gives each station a score, the one with highest score get’s on the top. The similarity checks on the recent 500 songs and genres last time the station was indexed.

Station: How to add a station?

You go to Add a station and just add all the station-information. If the code can find the station stream and can get the bitrate the station will be added directly. if not, it needs to be checked manually, which can take up to 24 hours.


API: How can I get a API-key?

You create a account if you haven’t done it yet and login. CLick on your nick and a dropdown will come down. Click on Your API-keys and click on create apikey. You will now have one key in the list. copy it and use it well.

API: How does the ratelimit works?

When you call the API it will be saved and a TTL time is set for 1 month after that. Then that data will be incremented for each request till it reach the limit and it will be giving 429 until the TTL is reached and the limit data is reset.


Payment: Why should I pay for Dirble?

You will get special threatment and be taken as a VIP on Dirble. You will also get current and future perks and feature. Except all that, you also help Dirble survive.

Payment: Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Just go to edit when logged in and click on cancel membership there.

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